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    • ​Deacon Reeche Wise, Deacon's Ministry ​​Chairman (813) 545-0981 for spiritual matters.
    • Trustee Mark Adams, Trustee Chairman (813) 377-9888 for facility matters.
    • Trustee Gwen Myers (813) 247-2410 or, for rental of the Fellowship Hall.
  • SOCIAL JUSTICE AND EMPOWERMENT MINISTRY: Greater Bethel is creating a Social Justice and Empowerment Ministry. The mission of this ministry is to live out the Gospel message to respect human life and dignity and to work towards justice and peace. It is responsible for the welfare, social justice and empowerment of the disadvantaged and marginalized sections of society. If interested, please call the church office 813-229-1390 and leave your name.
  • CHRISTIAN COUNSELING SERVICE available by appointment with Pastor Snowden, contact phone number 813-209-9128.​​
  • All members are asked to immediately contact their assigned Deacon in the case of illness and/or death; or Deacon Reeche Wise, (813) 545-0981
  • Any member who desires a Certificate of Membership should contact Veronica Parker, Church Clerk.
  • All members are requested to submit any changes to their contact information to Veronica Parker.
  • Greater Bethel is recruiting persons who are interested in becoming a member of the Audio/Visual Ministry please contact Rev. Arthur Green. Training will be offered and required. 
  • Greater Bethel is recruiting persons to be part of GT Martin Ministry, if you have interest see Lady Ambrozine Snowden.
  • Youth Ministry wants you! Creative, Energetic, Have a Passion for Youth. If interested or have questions, please contact Sister Rosemary Jackson at 813-989-9706.​
  • The Liturgical Dance Ministry is seeking members to serve in this ministry. Please see Raven Robinson today after worship service.​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Any member interested in serving in a Nurses Ministry are asked to submit your name to Sis. Brooklyn Rogers.